Trademark Law

Notes on Trademark Law in India

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Trademarks in general terminology would be any visual mark which is being represented graphically or which is capable of being distinguished from any other particular good manufactured or from mark which is already being dealt by any other person. Trademark is a very essential mark to the owner as it distinguishes his product from another product thereby guaranteeing the quality …

Gender equality

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment | DMA Advocates

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With the male dominant society of ours, they were times were women were never assumed to be a person with in intellect. Women were only treated as a slave for men but with the passing of time the country has gradually evolved to be a better place for women. Several enactments were made by the parliament for granting of equal …

analysis of the right to information

Analysis of the Right to Information by the Act of 2005

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With the growing changes in the country there was a requirement for greater transparency and accountability of all the organs of the government which thereby makes a compulsion on the Parliament to enact a law which could justify the growing demands of the citizens of the country. Hence came up the Right to Information Act, 2005 which abolished the Freedom …

about triple talaq bill || Dma dvocates

Triple Talaq Indepth Information | About Triple Talaq bill in india | DMA Advocates

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Triple talaq is the practice under which a Muslim man can separate from his significant other (wife) by just articulating “talaq” thrice. It is predominant among India’s Muslim people group more considerable part of whom pursue the Hanafi Islamic school of law. This method of separation isn’t general among Muslims over the world, the same number of other Islamic schools …