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Live streaming of SC proceedings, in what cases and when will it be implemented?

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The Supreme Court of India on September 26, 2018 allowed live streaming and video recording of court proceedings across the country. The bench comprising Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud asked the government to frame rules in this regard under Article 145 of the Constitution. The top court stated that live streaming of court proceedings …

Why Lawyers Must Become Technologically Savvy | Dma Advocates

Why Lawyers Must Become Technologically Savvy?

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It is a universally accepted fact that technology and development go hand in hand. There is not a single facet of human life that is untouched by technology. Though, legal profession may superficially, seem to be indifferent from the technological advancement, yet, on a careful scrutiny, one realizes the integral role played by technology even in this profession. The legal …

Rights Of Private Employment Under The Indian Labour Laws | nclt lawyers

Rights of Private Employment Under The Indian Labour Laws

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Although there are employment conditions that define specific conditions, organized employees of the private sector are governed by various laws, such as the Premium Payment Law, the Equal Payment Law, the Bond Payment Law, the Pension Fund of Employees and the Law of various provisions, the status of employees. Insurance Law, Maternity Benefits Law, etc. The right to a safe …

Extradition Treaties in light of Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi | Dma Advocates

Extradition Treaties in light of Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi

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Extradition Treaty implies an agreement or course of action made by India with an outside State identifying with the removal of outlaw offenders. Extradition Treaty contains the conditions that should be satisfied to proceed with the procedure of extradition and furthermore a rundown of violations based on which a criminal might be kept in the outside nation. India presently has …

The National Register of Citizens-NRC

National Register of Citizens -NRC

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The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register of all Indian citizens whose creation is prescribed by the Citizenship Act of 1955, amended in 2003-2004. It has not yet been implemented, with the exception of the State of Assam. Assam, being a border state with unique problems of illegal immigration, created an NRC for the state in 1951 based …