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Why Lawyers Must Become Technologically Savvy?

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It is a universally accepted fact that technology and development go hand in hand. There is not a single facet of human life that is untouched by technology. Though, legal profession may superficially, seem to be indifferent from the technological advancement, yet, on a careful scrutiny, one realizes the integral role played by technology even in this profession. The legal profession has come a long way from the old perceptions of those who viewed it as a profession of heavy books, notes, papers and files and courts as dingy, dim lit rooms with paper strewn all over.

Major Reasons for Lawyers to become Tech Savvy

1. Client Experience:
Law is a service business, and today’s consumers care more than ever about the quality of their service providers. And what do most clients expect from a customer experience these days? They expect everything to be easy with friendly service, and they expect many of the processes to be handled online.

2.Clients expect seamless, tech enabled experiences:
Clients expect all their work to be done online. They expect to receive the documents electronically and would like to put their digital signatures on important documents. Hence, lawyers need to automate their processes and the court system in India need to adopt digitization very soon to keep up with people’s expectations. E-courts in Indian is an excellent example which has helped significantly in reducing inconvenience to clients and Nclt lawyers as well as they can check the hearing dates, proceeding details online.

3.Reputation matters:
For a lawyer everything is reputation. Their reputation will bring more clients. Hence, it is essential that we maintain good reputation offline as well as online and bad mouthing will take the clients away from us.

4.Value for Money:
Clients these days are expecting value for their hard earned money. So, it becomes critical for lawyers to provide efficient services to their client which makes them realize that they are getting more for the money they are spending on engaging a lawyer for their legal issue.

5.Legal Process Automation:
Software rules the world. The legal process automation will help the lawyers as well as law firms to streamline their workflow resulting in greater efficiency and timely tracking of important matters for creating ‘wow’ experience for their clients.


Tech savviness is more important for lawyers now than it has ever been. Utilizing technology to power your practice will provide a more seamless and enjoyable experience for your clients, and also maximize your efficiency.