An analysis on the implications on Amazon and it’s relevant stake holder after the orders passed by CCI

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Recently the Competition Commission of India revoked its permission and approvals granted to E-commerce giant Amazon with respect to an acquisition deal signed with India’s Future Coupons Private Limited. The dispute between Amazon and Future Coupons has seen many rounds of litigations in various courts and tribunals. The order passed by the Competition Commission has implications for the relevant stakeholders …

Artificial Intelligence and Patents | AI Role in Patents - DMA Advocates

Artificial Intelligence and Patents|AI Role in Patents

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A patent is an intellectual property right that is granted to a person who is the owner of any invention relating to a product or process, this right enables the owner of the invention to use and exploit the subject matter exclusively for a fixed period of time. This exclusive right granted by way of patent is granted in exchange …

Should Court Proceedings Get Live Telecasted - DMA Advocates

Should Court Proceedings Get Live Telecasted?

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The covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of the whole country and the guise of the Indian Judiciary. As lockdown was imposed all over the country, a sudden urge was created to make court proceedings online. Various online portals, websites, and applications like Zoom, e-courts, and Google met were used to let the proceedings move forward with no obstruction. However, …

Marking 50-years of Icrisat: It’s Major Achievements and Contributions to the Country

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International Crops Research Institute for Semi- Arid Tropics, simply known as ICRISAT was inaugurated in the year 1972. It successfully completed 50years of its existence recently on 5th February, 2022. It is a non-profit organisation and also non-political. It is founded by the organisations summoned by the Rockefeller and Ford foundations. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Food and …