Competition (amendment) Bill, 2020: from a Digital Market Perspective

Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2020: from a Digital Market Perspective

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Every economy has to change its market policies to keep up with global standards and technological advances. The Competition Act was one such change due to liberalization in 1991 to prepare Indian markets to deal with competition and control anti-competition practices. In 2018, a similar need was felt by the Government of India to review the 2002 Act and to …

Let The Voyage Begin | Ocean Environmental Laws and Regulations

Let The Voyage Begin | Ocean Environmental Laws and Regulations

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While the coastal oceans and coral reefs are becoming extinct, Cruise industries are continuously growing. These industries rely on clean oceans and pretty coastlines for its livelihood, but it doesn’t hesitate to destroy the same oceans for their private gains.  This article attempts to understand the cost that the environment pays to fulfil the luxurious of humanity. It begins by …

Decriminalization of Sex Work - DMAadvocates

Decriminalization of Sex Work

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ABSTRACT:  The criminalization of sex work pushes the entire industry into shadows and weakens our ability to combat coercive, exploitative labour conditions and violence against sex workers. But more than that, it reinforces the colonial and classist morality on a particular section of the society that needs to be kept in place, outside on the margins. One aspect of this …

India's Journey of Extradition | Extradition Treaty | DMA Advocates

India’s Journey of Extradition|Extradition Treaty

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INTRODUCTION: Extradition plays a vital role in the international battle against crime, as crimes increasingly turn international with their cross-border implications. It owes its existence to the Principle of Territoriality of Criminal Law, according to which a State will not apply its penal statutes to acts committed outside its boundaries except where the protection of special national interests is at …

Regulation of Drones| What important role can Drones play in society? | DMA Advocates

Regulation of Drones | Drones Limit in India

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With the advent of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or popularly known as Drones, we can observe a significant advancement in the field of technology. Earlier, the usage of drones was limited to the defence sector only, however, after its introduction in the commercial industry it has simplified the complex tasks without enduring massive costs which otherwise would have been invested …